Infrastructure is a vital part of our modern society, and yet when it's working well, it goes virtually unnoticed. I wanted a place where people could dip in and learn about what's going on behind the scenes without having to be - as I often am - fully immersed in that flood of information. As well as, of course, highlighting when things go wrong and why they did.

I have thought about starting a newsletter like this for some time, and I think a similar idea has been bouncing around the Infrastructure Club Slack for even longer - and honestly, most of the credit for the inspiration and this starting content goes to that wonderful place. If you find any of this particularly compelling, you should consider joining.

Expect a weekly mix of news, deep-dive articles, and fun information on whatever I can claim as infrastructure - and trust me, it's a very broad definition. If you have any ideas or things you'd like to see included, you can always send them to contact@fromtheinfra.com - or, if you're on the infraclub Slack, poke me on there.

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