I am, in general, an optimist. The job of infrastructure and society, in my mind, should be to collectively improve our standards of living so we can uplift everyone. Unfortunately, sometimes human nature comes out, and seems we are doomed to endlessly battle, trying to become momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.

The war in Ukraine is of course not the only one of recent memory - there has not been a single year of my life I can remember without a war raging somewhere - but rarely has it been such an obvious aggression into a sovereign state with no regard for civilians at all. And on a personal level, it has never been somewhere that I have been many times, where I enjoyed the company, hospitality, and friendship of its people, a place where I saw and experienced the hope of a country on the rise.

I'm not going to turn this newsletter into an analysis of the infrastructure of war, or the logistics of moving around soldiers or materiel - there are other places to go seek that if you wish. It's impossible to avoid talking about, though, so you may see stories about civilian infrastructure that touch on it, like some of the ones in this issue.

I stand with the people of Ukraine, and with those in Russia protesting against their government at great personal risk. May we all find a way out of this mess.







And Finally