Returning From The Wilderness

After spending half a week sleeping on top of a mountain in Wyoming, I'm back. What can I tell you about staying in a lookout tower? Well, this is my second time, and the first time I got to encounter a lightning storm while staying in one.

As the tallest thing for literally miles around, they're generally at risk of being hit by lightning, so they of course come festooned in lightning rods and grounding systems - though you are told to sit on something wooden if one does come your way.

That said, even knowing I was technically safe is no substitute for the raw fear of being on a mountain surrounded by lightning strikes, though fortunately there was no a direct strike on the lookout. I've read first-hand accounts of the people who used to do this as a job, who describe how all your hair stands on end right before a strike - maybe I'll get to experience that one day, though I'm not sure if I want to. We'll see!








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