Live Report From The Mound

You may recall our story on the Marble Arch Mound a couple of issues back - London's newest failed infrastructure-art project. Well, I was in London this weekend, and tickets are free now, so I had to go see it.

While it is mostly not great - unconvincing from afar, the steps have a bit too much give in them, the view from the top is so limited you can't even see Marble Arch - there's still about five minutes of fun climbing to the top, listening to all the visitors remark about how bad it is, and then taking a peek through the wall to see just how much scaffolding is inside.

The supposed art project/gift shop that was supposed to be inside has not even a hint of presence, though, apart from the start of the staircase that was meant to lead to it. Ominous ambient music was coming from inside at all times, and I was not even fully convinced it was intentional.

All in all, a wonderfully British disappointment, the main achievement here being by the scaffold constructors who managed to put this thing together, and the gardeners who managed to make trees survive on the side of it.







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